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Unique Bibanesi with type 1 flour and extra virgin olive oil

UNIQUE bacause of the passion we put into baking our bread and because Bibanesi are produced thanks to age-old baking methods which spotlight hand-crafted excellence. UNIQUE for their high quality, rigorously selected prime ingredients. UNIQUE for their goodness and genuine crispness. Above all, Bibanesi are UNIQUEbecause they are each delightfully different-inimitable in terms of both their shape and appearance.

Stretched by hand after a very slow leaving process that lasts at least 22 hours, the dough is worked manually with the commitment and love of a company that boasts years of experience in bread-making.

Made without additives, these delicious baked specialities are produced thanks to some of the most time-tested hand-crafted traditions.

For all of these reasons, we decided to call Bibanesi UNIQUE, as they are characterized by the precious nutritional properties of type 1 flour, which is naturally high in protein, raw fibers and important minerals.

Bibanesi are ideal for those who wish to maintain a balanced diet that’s both healthy and flavourful. Bibanesi are made with extra-virgin olive oil, obtained from selected varieties cultivated for their sweet, delicate flavour. This prized ingredient enhances the unmistakable taste of our old-style, hand-made, delicious bread.

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