Organic Spelt and Quinoa

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i Bibanesi with Organic Spelt and Quinoa

We have selected only a few ingredients in order to give you a simple Bibanese, the fruit of the love and commitment with which every day we make bread.

Hand stretched after a day of leavening, and therefore unique and unrepeatable
in their shape, we have now created the organic Bibanesi with spelt and quinoa.

Extra virgin olive oil enhances their crispy personality and decisive flavour. Finally, a light decoration with spelt flakes gives them an enchanted look.

Spelt and quinoa Bibanesi with a high content of fibres are an ideal opportunity for whoever chooses to eat in a balanced way without giving up the pleasure of taste.


*Spelt flour (75%)
*Extra virgin olive oil (9,5%)
*Quinoa flour (2%)
Sea salt
*Spelt malt
*Barley malt
*Spelt flakes on the surface (0,5%)
May contain traces of sesame seeds and soy.
*Organic ingredient.