Organic KAMUT® Khorasan

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Organic KAMUT® khorasan wheat Bibanesi

Organic KAMUT® khorasan wheat Bibanesi are the product of a masterly combination of knowledgeable bread-making inspired by traditional craftsmanship and the exclusive use of KAMUT® khorasan wheat, an ancient and noble grain.

Cultivated using exclusively organic methods and totally GMO-free, KAMUT® khorasan grain has great nutritional value, a high protein content. KAMUT® khorasan is an excellent alternative to wheat,even for many of those who are hypersensitive to this grain.

Organic KAMUT® khorasan wheat Bibanesi are handmade, after a slow leavening process lasting several hours. Enriched with extra virgin olive oil and aesthetically enhanced with a light coating of corn, organica Organic KAMUT® khorasan wheat Bibanesi, with their warm golden glow, reserve a harmonious surprise in flavour, sweet and unmistakable, with just a hint of butter and nuts.

Organic KAMUT® khorasan wheat Bibanesi, naturally wholesome and delicious, are a tasty accompaniment to all kinds of sweet or savory food and evoke the authentic flavour of old fashionad handame bread.

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