Milk and Honey

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Milk and Honey Bibanesi… Taste them for breakfast!

Milk, honey, flour, extra virgin olive oil… these simple ingredients full of genuine goodness are used to make Milk and Honey Bibanesi, sweet, crunchy bread, that’s ideal for any time of the day.
They are stretched by hand, following an extremely slow 22 hours leavening process, with the passion and commitment of those who have always made bread using hand-shaped dough; Milk and Honey Bibanesi are baked according to the best hand-crafted traditions, excluding all food additives.


For all of these reasons, Milk and Honey Bibanesi, with their delicate, sweet fragrance, are ideal for a healthy well-balanced diet.
The precious qualities of extra virgin olive oil enhance the magic sweetness of Milk and Honey Bibanesi. Super light cornflakes sprinkled on their surface exalt their pleasant crunchiness.

The package is cheerfully decorated by beautiful drawings by Altan, the creator of Pimpa, a children’s all time favourite, and Alvalenti, a sharp, intelligent artist from Siena.

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